Things I can’t say no to…

Sometimes I have the willpower of a yes-man (well yes-woman.)  Sometimes I’m stubborn as the proverbial mule.  However, there are things I just can’t say no to.  Here is a brief list of things that will always get a yes from me.

  • kids selling chocolate bars
  • chocolate bars
  • kids
  • vaccinations
  • cashiers who ask for too much information (whether it’s my postal code or e-mail; it’s not like they can deny me the purchase, but I still can’t say no)
  • surveys
  • a nap on a cold day or a hot day or a rainy day (oh heck just any day)
  • funny movies
  • shiny things
  • Frank magazine
  • shoppers reward cards
  • free calendars in January
  • a good deal on hair dye
  • buy one get one free offers
  • herbs for my herb garden
  • coffee
  • just one more game of Bejewelled Blitz
  • another pair of sunglasses (especially if they are from a dollar store)
  • a new House or Bones episode
  • one more homemade quilt or afghan
  • books from Nova Scotia
  • a backrub or foot massage
  • sweets
  • Jack my cat
  • Willis my gerbil (especially when he wants a run on my bed)
  • Facebook
  • getting a lottery ticket (just in case)
  • donating to animal shelters
  • a swim (pool, lake, beach, river… kiddie pool)

There is (I’m sure) only a partial list of PG-13 things I will never say no to.  If you want to test me, feel free to test.  Just make sure you’re willing to go through with it!

Two things I can't say no to: Jack and Facebook.

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