Signs you’re in love

You know with people falling in and out of love these days (Bristol *cough* Levi *cough*) I thought I’d compile a list of ways to tell you’re in love.  Or at least lust.  My thoughts are that you first fall in lust, then you fall in love.  Occasionally it can go the other way around.  Either way, there are lots of signs to tell you’re smitten.

  • you buy new perfume or aftershave (depending on how you roll)
  • Crest Whitestrips appear in your medicine cabinet
  • you develop new hobbies that just happen to be the same as your beloved’s pastimes (like you really adore football or Orange County Choppers)
  • after hearing a song, you think it will sound great at your wedding (your uncle’s drunken toast, not so much)
  • you begin deciding whether you want to hyphenate your name or not
  • like a crow to something shiny, you gravitate to jewellery stores
  • you blank out and find yourself wandering aimlessly in the baby section at Wal-Mart looking at receiving blankets (and there’s not a soul who likes what those blankets receive)
  • golden retrievers start to look appealing because they’re great family dogs
  • you buy a four door car (bye-bye RSX… so long Tiburon)
  • Home Depot and Home Hardware are suddenly your favourite stores
  • you read at work and the Real Estate Guide while sitting on the throne (guilty)
  • you open a savings account (what the dickens are savings, anyway? is that like transferring your balance from one credit card to another? not that I know about that)
  • future babies are already named, middle name included
  • you can’t wait to make it Facebook official!
  • the waitress at Swiss Chalet or Boston Pizza knows you on a first name basis
  • $40 for a dozen roses doesn’t faze you any longer because you are the reason for the floral industry!
  • your friends and family are tired of hearing you talk about your beloved because you have mentionitis
  • you complete a passport application for the honeymoon
  • Boone’s no longer cuts it; you buy wine that costs more than $10 (big spender!)
  • older couples holding hands and canes make you feel sentimental
  • even in the middle of something important, like a root canal or getting a ticket for talking on your cell phone, you’re checking your texts to see if your beloved has responded to “What did you have for lunch?” because it is vitally important that you know
  • instead of buying a Playstation 3, you purchase a couch (like who are you trying to impress with your furniture, anyway; isn’t the college futon good enough for you anymore?)
  • finally, you hate talking on the telephone but still manage to log four hour sessions talking about sweet nothingness

There you have it.  If you recognize four or more of these symptoms, you are indeed in it deep!  Run!

Daisy, daisy, give me your love...

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