Stayin’ alive


I feel like it might be time for my seasonal I’m still alive post in which I apologize profusely for being a slacker and not posting anything new on my blog.

I’ve gone through a period of dithering about whether or not I want to continue blogging, as I’ve decluttered my online life.  After a certain point, when you see your work history on sites you never agreed to (thanks Zoom Info, for stealing my LinkedIn profile), you may feel the need to delete accounts and cut down on the stuff you share on the internet.

I’ve thought about making a new blog that is more anonymous, but have already paid to have different fonts and colours on this one. And I do love how I have a record of my shenanigans since 2009.  It’s important to know how many times I’ve complained about the weather in the last five years.  (Speaking of which, it’s supposed to be thirty degrees this weekend.  I should have a great time sweating!)

So here I am, still alive.  Don’t send any sympathy cards yet, although I will accept all gifts of Lindt chocolate.

Happy summer.


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  1. anonymous says:

    I know exactly how you feel — I have made my blog private after 7 years, simply because I got sick of seeing my pictures plastered all over google images and Pinterest et al, and because google aggregates all your comments on blogs and anyone can look up every comment you’ve ever made. I’m tired of intrusions of this kind.

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