Reasons I heart spring

  1. I can finally stop complaining about snow.
  2. I can finally start complaining about my rubbery raking arms.
  3. Daylight dazzles until later in the evening.
  4. Cars stay clean longer than one kilometre.
  5. No more scraping! Or shovelling!
  6. Barbecues perfume the air, tinged with the odour of burning meat and sodium nitrate.
  7. Plants peek through the soil, all furled up and ready to burst into existence.
  8. The cat sheds his winter coat all over the house. (Wait, this seems like a con… )
  9. Season finales abound like the robins all over the brown grass.
  10. It’s time for flip flops! And capris!
  11. Sunglasses take their permanent home atop my hair.
  12. Photography become a pleasure once more, and your finger isn’t too frozen to press the shutter.
  13. Winter boots can finally be hidden in the closet until next November.
  14. It’s worth your money to buy razor blades.
  15. When you crack open your bedroom windows, they don’t freeze shut.
  16. Iced caps from Tim Horton’s taste even better.
  17. Clothes can finally go out on the clothes line.
  18. I can really rock the sunroof.
  19. The air smells better.
  20. All of that vitamin D makes you more alive.
Spring in New Germany
Spring in New Germany

One Comment Add yours

  1. Laura Best says:

    I love knowing that when a late snow arrives, such as the other day, I know it’s not going to last very long. I’m SO ready for spring. 🙂

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