I can almost smell it.


These days, I’m still a bit bored, because there simply isn’t enough teaching to keep me occupied every day of the week.

However, now that spring is creeping up on the snowy lawns and fields, I’m bored, but with more sun and robins.

Tonight will be the first I get to sleep in a bed smelling of fresh air. Yes, there was enough sun and breeze this afternoon to hang out my bedsheets. They dried in an hour or so, and they smell soooo good. Sure, I had to put them into the dryer to make them less cold, but that’s okay. We roll with the crappy spring weather here in Canada.

I’ve started tutoring and volunteering with a local community group. Not only does this help out the resume (I’m terrified of gaps in my beloved CV), but it is nice to have a purpose to days I have nothing else to do. I’ve been trying to do a little freelance writing and editing, and, of course, I make plenty of time for laziness as well. Reading and tea? Yes, please.

I submitted two job applications this week which would make my year if I managed to snag one of said positions. Of course, the reality is, jobs in education (in anything, really) in southern Nova Scotia are hard to come by. I think I would have a better time winning the lottery. In fact, I should buy some 6/49 tickets this week.

I’m also waiting patiently for GM to contact me about my Pontiac G5 recall. Fortunately, my rig is a 2009, which means it probably isn’t the death trap implicated in over a dozen deaths in crashes that result from the car randomly turning off. However, the recall recently changed to include later model cars which “may” have received the faulty ignition part.

Needless to say, it’s pretty easy to turn off my car. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m a doofus, and of course anyone can turn off their damn car by turning the key. I’m a little disappointed there isn’t enough resistance in my key to keep me from doing a stupid thing like turn it off while driving (and yes, I had to try this: once while driving 80 kilometres an hour, which wasn’t so smart, and once while cruising into my driveway, which was much more smart).

I’m not sure if I’m up for a Darwin award any time soon, but considering some of the things I do, it’s entirely a possibility.

Speaking of which, I burned a pot of macaroni last week. Since I have been making pasta since I was about 7, I’m quite embarrassed about this depreciation in my cooking skills. I hope the turkey I have in the oven today will redeem me.

I’ll let you know.



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