B#%&@, b#%&@, b#%&@


For those of you who regularly read my blog (all two of you), you’ve probably noticed that most of my posts involve me bi$@hing and complaining about the winter weather. And as someone who willingly chooses to live in Canada because I love my surroundings and the concept of four seasons, I should be the last one whining about the cold and snow. Especially since I’m the first one to whine about hot temperatures. (Really, I will be the first to complain about the heat come June.)

Reality is, this has been the worst winter in about 10 years.

I’m okay with winter. I like the idea of snuggling under blankets while my cat sleeps on me in a furry ball. My favorite chair sits right by the window, where I can see snow flying past the streetlight. It looks pretty, and even when it is stormy, I can look out the window, cat in lap, tea in hand, and be warm and cozy.

However, winter gets old when:

  • The oil bill has increased 20% (eff you, big oil).
  • You have to clean all manner of weather off your car, my favorite being shellacked snow.
  • You can’t walk often because the cars are flinging salty snow at you.
  • The number of snowstorms has hit at least 21.
  • You’re underemployed and bored.
  • There’s too many reruns on TV. Yarrrrrgh.

It also strikes me that this post was meant to be about something other than the weather. And here I am, whining about the snow even though I live in Canada.

The truth is, last Wednesday, we got over 40 centimeters of snow. Sunday we got freezing rain. And tonight, we’re getting even more freezing rain. Hurray!

Welcome to spring in Nova Scotia.

Can I get a refund?



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  1. From a fellow Nova Scotian: I hear ya, sister! Complain away.

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