Sunday snooze in

I have a strong suspicion I’m the only Canadian who did not rise early to watch the men’s gold medal hockey game between Canada and some Scandinavian country. It was a gripping battle between two socialist countries and I did what I did best: I slept in.

For one, I’m not entirely sure the game was available on my one channel (the other one was knocked out during the bizarre winter thunderstorm we had Friday night). This isn’t a perfect excuse, though, because I could always stream it over the interweb. I’m finally equipped with a tablet and smartphone that connect to my WiFi.

However, I think it’s great people bonded this morning over brunch and mimosas; I just preferred to make mine at high noon after reading on Facebook the Canadians won gold.

I mixed up flax pancakes with Valley Flax Flour pancake mix, and fresh eggs from DeLong Farms. I kick started my morning, or afternoon, with a snuggle from my cat while I sipped lemon water. Apparently lemon water makes your digestive system awesome.

Yes, I’m on a health kick again. I’m trying to go without refined white sugar and white carbs. I even made kale chips although I’m guessing kale chips are an acquired taste. I haven’t been able to get excited about eating shriveled greens. Not yet.

My bible is Joyous Health. I am in love with the blog, and was delighted to find its companion book locally for 40% off. Win. I love the book so much I want to become a holistic nutritionist, which seems a bit premature after eating mostly well for a week.

If anyone knows how to make bitter greens taste better to my poor sugar-addicted palate, I would be open to suggestions.

My favourite foods of the week:

  • almond butter
  • Ancient Grains crackers from Loblaws’ Blue Menu
  • almond milk without carrageenan
  • Love Crunch granola
  • apples
  • blood oranges
  • tomatoes
  • lemon water
  • nuts
  • eggs
  • homemade ketchup (recipe coming soon)
  • Organic Sucanat sugar

My not favorite foods of the week:

  • kale
  • almond milk with carrageenan

Best natural products of the week:

I hope you’ve had a weekend as relaxing as mine. I guess I’ll go get out of my jammies, or the yoga pants I sleep in.

It’s 2:00.

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