Wednesday is now officially known as Dump Day

For the billionth Wednesday this winter (I’m only barely exaggerating), it has snowed. Hard. The plow hasn’t gone past my house in hours, and I’m pretty certain we’re all going to die.

In reality, I’m more likely to die from house cleaning. Most normal people houseclean in either spring and/or fall. But of course, I’m not most normal people.

Cellulose insulation was blown into our attic last week, with about half of it ending up in my bedroom. I would’ve appreciated a word of advice about covering my belongings with a bed sheet, but hey, scrubbing down all of the walls was a much better solution. (Sarcasm alert.)

However, I did enjoy tossing old things, organizing essential things, and making everything spick and span. My muscles are protesting, but they are protesting in nice white bathtub. I’m obsessive compulsive at heart, so I love having everything clutter free for a least one week.

Today I organized my spices. I threw away bags and bottles of spices that were so old, I think Marco Polo lugged them all the way from Cathay. I love Bulk Barn, so most of the spices were in bags, and not very user friendly. I bought some spice jars at Dollarama, so I had a spice organizing party. I am at peace now that my jars of Five Spice and All Spice are ready to make black dressing.

Yes, it is winter and I’m underemployed. It’s important to stay productive.


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