Monday mashup


In no particular order, here’s what’s happening in my little world.

Biking / I have been loving my lil hawg, a $60 stationary bike from Canadian Tire. So far I’m up to 6 kilometres in about 16 minutes. I’m not exactly ready for the Tour de France, but it’s a nice little workout to wake me up in the morning without going to a gym 30 minutes away. Plus, I can exercise in my jammies.

Lush / I got a Lush gift set for Christmas and I’m adoring the smelly goodness that makes me yearn to lick my bar of soap. Clearly, I have to get to the Lush store in Halifax. You suppose it’ll be weird if I just stand in there for an hour and sniff my fill?

A Day of Spring / Winter came hard and fast this year, but today there is hardly any snow on the lawn, and it was warm enough to hang out laundry. Yes, please.

Strays / When winter hit, we discovered a stray prowling around, looking for food. We started feeding the pretty little cat only to find two OTHER felines needed food as well.  Now three strays are coming every night (though thankfully not any raccoons).  Once we confirm they are strays for sure, we will probably round them up for the local animal shelter. I’m so glad my Jack is an indoor cat, although he’s wondering what’s up with the giant bag of food in the laundry room that he wants to eat.

Golden Globes / The best part of watching award ceremonies is reading Twitter after a particularly witty quip. Where was TV before Twitter and Perez Hilton? The dark ages, obviously.

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