Resolutions, Version 2.0

It’s that time again. Time to make resolutions that will last until the first Chinese buffet.

I don’t have many resolutions. Probably because I’ve never really kept to any, even though, this time of year, I often:

  • stare at the wall of vitamins at the grocery store until I bring home bottles that often expire before I’ve taken them all
  • start diet regimes that involve foods I can barely pronounce like quinoa and cinnamon
  • promise to floss every day
  • promise to blog daily so my blog lives up to its namesake
  • resolve to visit more even though I have introverted tendencies
  • clean my place from top to bottom and keep it that way
  • finish a novel for publication
  • pray to God to lose weight, and then I will build several orphanages in his honour

I’m not sure why my resolutions never work out.

One thing I am already doing: NOT weighing myself. Ever. It leads to nothing but heartache. It would be nice not to define myself by a number. Or at least that number.

Also, I have been flossing regularly. Rawr.

Look out 2014. My teeth are clean.


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