Rob Ford and my life as a comic strip artist

What we’ve come down to at my house: wondering what the difference is between cocaine and crack cocaine.

As a self-confessed goody-two-shoes, I only know a little bit about drugs. Most of that has been gleaned from repeats of the Trailer Park Boys.

So to have the mayor of a major Canadian city confess to the use of illicit drugs is a bit unusual to me (of course, no more unusual than the firing of the trough pigs in the house of sober second thought). I’m not so naive as to believe mayors don’t use drugs; it’s just that I thought it was a little more subtle. More like sniffing a line off a glass coffee table while women in 80s style gowns hover around for scraps.

I also thought politics took place over more classy forms of drug use.  Like a snifter of brandy or a glass of port. (Clearly there would be cigars involved in these scenarios as well.)

I think Rob Ford should’ve admitted to something like, “I don’t do cocaine; I just like the smell of it.”

Obviously he doesn’t know my cousin, who can do the joke with a little sniff of the nose.

Maybe the mayor should’ve said he had a toothache, but didn’t hear that tincture of cocaine was no longer used as a topical analgesic. (Did you know the Victorians used it for teething pain?)

Hopefully, in the near future, we’ll hear of the mayor of T-dot going into rehab or seeing a psychiatrist.

Until then, maybe he should become pen pals with the ousted senators, who will be going on pogey for the next two years while bemoaning the loss of their $135K salary.

But until then, I’ll have plenty of fodder for my new Bitstrips addiction.



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