Drivers who use manual transmissions are better drivers, period (there’s just no excuse for me)

We were just having the discussion in my house about how drivers who use manual transmissions are probably better drivers than those who prefer gag-o-matics.

Before you automatic transmission aficionados start pelting me with stones, let me make my argument.

You can’t text and shift.

Even before texting and driving became the mother of all evils, I could not use my cell phone on the road. One hand (usually) should be on the wheel, and if you have to shift, the other hand has to be wrapped around the shifting lever. That leaves you with feet. I don’t know about you, but I can’t read texts down by my shoes.

You are cooler if you have a standard.

You can laugh at me for driving a Pontiac with a mere 2.2L engine, but at least I sound semi-cool driving away.

You’re more focused when you’re driving.

If you daydream while driving with a manual transmission, especially in town, you’re apt to try taking off in third gear. Let me tell you, it brings you back to reality really quickly. I have mastered taking off on third gear, however.

You can’t eat in heavy traffic.

While I have mastered the art of eating a doughnut on the open road, I cannot do so in a city setting where I’m going up and down through gears every block.

Your shifting level makes a great place to hang your iPod.

True story. Gotta have tunes.

You can make fun of people driving gag-o-matics

Yes, you can rank up there with truck drivers and race car competitors, all for the sake of managing your transmission like a champ!

When you buy a car, it’s cheaper.

Automatic transmissions add at least $1,500 to the cost of your new car. With this money, I got the model with a sunroof, Pioneer sound system, and side impact airbags. Booyah. Now I’m cool AND safe.

Source: Julie
Look at the sun shining off my shifting lever.

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  1. HDude says:

    How about adding another point… have a better understanding of how your car functions. The relationship between car/driver and engine/transmission is much more understood….period!

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