Fall = heaven


I am a huge fan of fall. I love it almost as much as baklava, coffee, and books.

The forecast for the Thanksgiving weekend is nothing but sun, sun, sun—and babies. The newest family member was born this week, all healthy and seven pounds. I now have a little nephew to spoil.

I haven’t seen him yet, but tomorrow is going to be the first official visit. That means baby snuggles aplenty. Nothing beats baby snuggles. And that smell of baby.

Every payday, I stop at Frenchy’s. I get done work at noon on Fridays, which means I have lots of time to rifle through the second-hand bins. I found an adorable polo shirt for the baby, as well as a cute onesie covered in sports balls and whatnot. Honestly, the clothes are so cute, they just make my ovaries quiver. (TMI, I know, I know.)

I may also have bought a few books.

I must say it is such a pleasure to have a routine and go to work. I may have to rise well before the crack of dawn, but I love the whole process of getting ready, drinking coffee, driving to work while steam hovers above the lakes and rivers. The woods are sunny with colours ranging from orange to flame-red, and the wide expanse of highway means there’s lots of forest views. (In fact, there’s nothing to see but woods, woods, and more woods. And far too many pancaked porcupines and racoons that have seen better days.)

Other plans for this weekend include:

  • making pie dough
  • eating raw pie dough
  • sleeping in
  • shopping at Value Village (and scoping out more baby clothes)
  • drinking copious amounts of coffee
  • snarfing down turkey
  • going into a turkey coma
  • snuggling with Jack

This year I am thankful for babies, work, and money to pay my bills. Sometimes it’s the simple things that count the most.



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