No longer gluten free (gluten reduced, sometimes)

It should come as no surprise that I fell off the gluten wagon (or is that the gluten free wagon?)

The experiment lasted only about three weeks.

I suspect I don’t have a gluten sensitivity. I really didn’t notice a huge difference in my health after nixing wheat and its cousins for a few weeks. I may have noticed a little increased energy, but that was probably as a result of eating some better foots (with the exception of all those corn tortilla chips…)

Thing is, slightly more energy is not worth giving up

  • KD Spirals
  • garlic fingers
  • granola
  • sandwiches
  • pie
  • cake
  • eating out

If I discovered I was celiac and had to eat gluten free for my health, that would be another story altogether.

If I grew wings and rainbows starting shooting out of my rear end, then I would be willing to put in the extra effort and cash required to keep eating gluten-free.

All along, I knew I would return to a gluten-filled diet if I noticed little difference in my health. My chicken skin arms are still looking rather chicken skin-ny. I’m also still fat. At one point I lost five pounds, but then gained it back again. This was probably as a result of eating tortillas and salsa.

Needless to say, I am a happy little carb addict again. Breakfast satisfies me once more thanks to the fact I can eat wheat and granola. I have no issues ordering meals off the menu—everything is fair game and I don’t have to stress over cross-contamination in the kitchen.

The only problem with the great gluten-free experiment? I now have a plethora of gluten-free flours I have to use before they go bad.  It should be easy if I mix them with white flour and, well, start baking my own food from scratch again.

Going gluten-free for your health, if you have to, is not a bad thing. When you don’t notice a difference, though, you might as well get a loaf of bread and tear into it like a cheetah picking apart a gazelle.


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