It’s the final long weekend of summer

I feel far less guilty enjoying Labour Day Weekend knowing I have been labouring all summer and will be labouring all fall!

Yes, I have full-time work for 4 whole months—and even more importantly, I will be working in my field!

(Cue post with excessive exclamation points.)

I am finishing off a maternity leave until school ends in December.  It’s not with junior high students or senior high students—but adult students!  Yes, I’ll be working with adults who are upgrading their literacy skills.  Instead of working for the Department of Education, I’ll be working with curriculum from the Department of Labour and Advanced Education.  It’s not a union job, but it is a full. time. job.

To celebrate, I got a new haircut that is hopefully more professional, although someone said I look 10 years younger.  While this is great, I’m not sure I want to look 18 years old 😉

Last week I finished off my final reports for my summer job, and began doing prepping in my own classroom.

I washed down the chalkboards, wiped off the bookshelves, tidied up the stationary supplies.

I’ve already met three of my students and I’m pretty pumped about starting classes September 9.  It should be a whole new adventure working with adults. (!)

Since I will have paycheques to cover my bills until Christmas, I treated myself to a new toy: an Android tablet.  Since I bought it, I’ve been addicted to the game of Dots.  I highly recommend this game, unless you have a life you’re fond of living; it’s the best way to pass time until your tablet’s battery drains to nothingness.

The tablet will never replace an actual computer with a physical keyboard, especially since I have to hunt and peck on the tiny screen keyboard on my 7 inch Nexus.  (It’s only a first generation Nexus, which probably explains the short battery life.  But it was far cheaper than the iPad and has 32 gigs of storage space.)

I dithered about buying an iPad for a long time, but it cost over a $150 more.  And I refused to give in to Apple’s incessant marketing with its cheesy music and happy lives viewed through the lens of an iPhone or iPad.  On that note, I’ve had to shut down the Nexus twice because the touch screen went wonky.

However, I finally feel as though I have joined 2013, and I’ve even signed up for the free month of Netflix so I can finally (finally!) watch The Hunger Games and see what this Breaking Bad is all about.

It’s great to be on the cutting edge.  Well, the dull edge.

Occasionally one has to crawl out from underneath the rocks and see what these technology fads are all about.

Needless to say, there will be fewer posts this fall because:

  • I finally have full-time employment
  • Dots really is that addictive.

Hope you’re all having a great Labour Day weekend.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Hannah says:

    Oh, congratulations on the job! I’m so happy for you. 🙂

    1. Julie says:

      Thanks! I’m delighted, even if it’s short term. You never know what I will evolve into, though!

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