My favourite TV commercials of 2013 so far

I don’t have satellite. I don’t. I refuse to pay money for TV. (And cable doesn’t come this far into the woods.)

This means I get two channels if the weather is right. And it also means I don’t flick back and forth between channels because the commercials are always on at the same FREAKING time on BOTH channels.

Thank goodness for high speed internet or I’d be tempted to start a revolution.

These are some of my favourite commercials because:

a) they’re super cute

b) they have great music

c) they’re funny

Best Animal Commercials

Scotiabank Cash Back Chipmunk

Okay. So I love rodents. In fact, I don’t just love them, I heart them. I still miss the little gerbils I had when I was in university. And this wee chipmunk warms my heart. It is just too freakin’ adorbs. For reals. (Isn’t everything better with extra letters?)

Work It Kitty!

Temptations’ newest commercial is incredibly adorable. Any commercial with cute animals is a-okay with me. I assume a lot of this commercial is computer generated.

Best Warm and Fuzzy Commercials

Breakfast Odd Couple

This is another uber-cute commercial. A baby is eating Cheerios with what is probably his grandpa, and I just love how they’re in sync. The toddler dumping the Cheerios all over the place is pretty dang cute, too.

The Greatest

I really like the commercials from Foundation for a Better Life. They have inspirational spots that warm the heart. And this little baseball player is optimism personified.

Best Music

How to Change Cars Forever (Dodge Dart)

The Dodge commercial caught my attention because I love the beat of the song. (I also loved The Great Gatsby trailer with it.) Turns out, the song is “No Church in the Wild” by Jay-Z and Kanye West. It now plays in my car. But I still dig the commercial. The car looks pretty nice too, even if it is a reincarnated Neon.

BlackBerry Z10 Keep Moving

This is another commercial I love because of the song, which is “Elephant” by Tame Impala. I also love how the frames are connected by the actions of the people within them. I was hypnotized each time the commercial aired.

Funniest Commercials

Canadian Tire Bike Commercial

I’m not sure which is funnier—the expression on the guy’s face or the contrast of the pimping music with the little suburban kids.

And finally, my favourite of 2013:

Tylenol Nighttime

“What if the hokey-pokey really is what it’s all about?”

I think the actor does a GREAT job doing this commercial, which is a voice-over of all the stupid thoughts that go through a person’s head when they have insomnia. I snicker every time this commercial is on. Every. Time.

Finally, one I forgot to add:

The Shannex Commercial

This is my mother’s favourite and she was disappointed it wasn’t included in the other categories. The Shannex commercial is in a league of its on for representing seniors as busy people who still have lives, even if they’re in a “home” of sorts. Props.


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