And so, I fell off the gluten wagon for Chinese food

Unless some terrible feeling overwhelms me in the next 24 hours, I’d like to say it was worth it. I loves me some Chinese food (although let’s be clear that it’s NOT authentic Chinese food, but the deep fried variety drowning in sugar sauce).

My intentions were good. I was going to try the Singapore noodles when I ate out last night. But when I realized I couldn’t verify if the Singapore noodles had gluten in them, I figured I might as well fall off the wagon real good.

I’m curious to see if I notice any changes in my health, because I haven’t seen a marked difference in my body since I started going wheat free (although it is early). I do wake up a little earlier on the weekends, but that seems more a punishment than a health benefit.

While I’m at home, I’m going to avoid bread and regular pasta, but I clearly cannot hack avoiding gluten when I eat out. I just don’t picture me eating a burger without the bun. Salads are pretty much it, and you can’t guarantee they didn’t come in contact with any gluten protein.

I feel for people with Celiac. I really do. Clearly the Western diet revolves around wheat, and avoiding it is nearly impossible.


And so, I will try my best to avoid as much gluten as possible until Labour Day, although I won’t worry if I fall off the wagon for a meal or two.

In all, this experiment has been a valuable lesson in making me aware of how difficult it is to eat no gluten. I’m not even two weeks into this whole deal and I’ve eaten gluten—and with great relish too.

Darn you, Chinese food. Darn you.


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