Gluten free, week two


I can’t believe I’m surviving without gluten.

Don’t get me wrong. I have had my weak moments—moments where I craved doughy pizza or Chinese food like crazy. By times, I would eat it even if it gave me a girlstache. Or back hair so thick, I could make rope from it.

Tonight I had such a carbalicious meal, I think I might be good for a few days (plus I have leftovers!)

I’ve tried quinoa before, but I have never loved it so much as in spaghetti form:


GoGo Quinoa spaghetti does not have the strong taste of quinoa—probably because it is tempered by rice flour.

The product cooks up nicely, although I did have to rinse off a bit of starch scum.

I fried up some hamburger with onions and green peppers, mixed it with Prego spaghetti sauce, and made a super-sauce that was rich and sweet.

Turned out to be the best meal I’ve had in a week and a half.

Source: Julie


Source: Julie

It even looks like “real” pasta, doesn’t it?

The only downside was the price; it is more expensive than durum semolina pastas (your run-of-the-mill stuff) and you probably can’t find it at your local convenience store when you’re out buying lottery tickets and smokes.

But if you’re gluten-free or simply interested in adding more quinoa to your diet, I recommend it. You won’t be disappointed. And after two weeks, I have discovered disappointment is a common feeling to the gluten-free eater, especially when it comes to texture.

Even if this whole gluten-free thing doesn’t make me feel better, I already feel a new awareness about my diet and how much wheat I eat on a regular basis. I never realized how much gluten is out there. It’s even in soy sauce. Like WTF? And don’t reach for the Worcestershire sauce instead because THAT HAS IT TOO.

As my month of gluten-free eating continues, I hope to make more discoveries about new foods I enjoy eating—and which will remain even after I go back to my old ways.

Up to this point, I haven’t noticed any big health benefits, so I may go back to eating gluten by Labour Day. It’s still early. I’ll keep you posted.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Good job, keep it up!

    I know how hard it can be!!

    I really prefer quinoa to gluten ever since. Actually, I’ve eaten tacos for two days in a row and the tortilla bread I got is some really low quality german gluten shit. It’s made me bloated. Lesson learned 😉 Be consistent with diet!

  2. gfandme says:

    The macaroni makes a great mac and cheese too!

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