An anthropological study of myself


As a blogger, I’m always fishing for new ideas. I love this concept from Amy Wheaton at Rainy Saturday: If a stranger saw

Basically, the premise is, if a stranger was looking through your stuff, what would they think of your life?

And so, in no particular order, here is an anthropological look at who I might be.

My fridge

Source: Julie

Normally the fridge isn’t quite so disorganized, but this is what it currently looks like, at least until my OCD takes over for a mass cleaning.

What can you discern from the stuff on the shelves?

  • Yogurt is big in my house. Like really big. And not that aspartame and sucralose sweetened junk.
  • Based on the salsa and homemade corn tortillas, I must like Mexican food.
  • I’m not a vegan, because there’s lots of dairy products and eggs. However, I am open to milk alternatives; there’s almond and soy milk too.
  • I don’t eat enough veggies.
  • The Brita says I like clean water.
  • I try to eat fairly healthy: there’s 5% milk fat cream as well as Celeb margarine, Loblaw’s version of Becel which is cleverly named with the exact same letters.
  • I don’t drink alcohol or pop because there’s none to be found except the occasional can of Pepsi that never gets touched.
  • I’m anal retentive about best before dates as I put the date on everything I open, like the salsa.

My purse

Source: Julie

You can tell a lot about a woman from the contents of her purse and I am no exception.

  • I like to shop around, since I have a bazillion different store and points cards.
  • I have no credit cards, meaning I’m really smart or have been really stupid.
  • I don’t carry much cash, especially now that Tim Horton’s has debit.
  • I’m not high maintenance; there’s barely any makeup in my purse. The exception to this MIGHT be lip chap.
  • My cell phone is 4 years old, so I’m clearly not obsessed with technology.
  • I’m a Girl Scout, because I now carry a small first aid kit in my purse containing a CPR mask and Aspirin. I also have a miniature Swiss Army knife, a gift for being a groomswoman for my cousin back in 2006. This tool is more often used for snipping tags off new purchases than building emergency fires.
  • I am obsessed with fresh breath; there’s always at least 3 packs of gum in my bag.

My closet

Source: Julie

Aside from the fact my closet is super crammed, you’d be able to tell a few other things…

  • I share my closet with my mom, so I only get one half of it.
  • I have lots of blankets and bedding because it’s all piled on the top shelf.
  • I’m a little OCD, as the organizational paradigm of my closet is based on colour.
  • I’m a fan of girly colours like purple and pink (it’s only because of my brunette colouring, though, I swear!)
  • I hate the heat since most of my clothing is cool and short-sleeved.
  • I dig stripes.
  • I’m not crazy about brand names, as the majority of my clothing is second-hand or from Old Navy and Joe Fresh.
  • I must have a professional job; there’s dressy shirts amidst all of the t-shirts.
  • You can see traces of special hangers in the picture. I simply LOVE these old-fashioned, fabric-wrapped hangers, both for their vintage feel and because they keep clothes from slipping off. OCD me also likes to put the same colour clothing on a matching hanger.

My computer

Source: Julie

  • I like cute things; my computer is an Acer netbook with a wee little keyboard.
  • I’m a geek.  I named my computer Belle as in Blue Belle. (Yes, my netbook is blue.)
  • I’ve used it a lot: it’s scuffed and I’ve tried to hide the scuffs with laptop stickers from the Dollarama.
  • I’m poor: instead of paying for Microsoft Office, I use Open Office, which is FREE. Did I mention it was FREE? I also refuse to buy Adobe Photoshop. I use GIMP instead.
  • I’m not much of a gamer; there’s no Angry Birds, no Minecraft.
  • I’m font crazy. I’ve downloaded a bunch of free ones and LOVE to use them.
  • My bookmarks are super-organized, which is the ONLY way to deal with the hundreds of links I have. (You might notice I enjoy reading on the internet, given the many blog and news links I have.)
  • I write a lot; there’s many creative writing files.
  • I’ve applied to many different positions because there’s dozens upon dozens of carefully crafted cover letters on my computer, not to mention many tweaked resumes.

My car

Source: Julie

  • I love bass because my stereo system is set on as much bass as humanly possible (yay for my factory Pioneer subwoofer!). My iPod is also hanging off my shifting lever in a little phone case I bought from the Dollarama.
  • I like Yop; there’s currently drops of it on my console.
  • I’m prepared for all contingencies with plastic gloves, an umbrella, a map book. (No GPS for me, no siree!)
  • I enjoy driving, as I have a sunroof to enhance the driving experience and a manual transmission.
  • I may not be a perfect driver, though, because there’s a scratch on my passenger side rocker panel.
  • My car goes through the winter months, as there’s already (!) corrosion on the aluminum rims.
  • I like to garden. In the trunk, you’ll find traces of mulch.

If an anthropologist looked through your belongings, what would they see? What would they learn about you?


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