Flea market adventures


I love going to Mahone Bay for the Sunday flea market; I must go at least once a year.

Yesterday was the first time in a long time I walked away carrying one book and almost all of the cash I took there with me.

Everything was too expensive or too packed up. (Guess that’s the downside to arriving at 2:30PM.)

After trolling the tables for finds, I walked back through Mahone Bay and checked out LaHave Bakery’s outpost and Jo-Ann’s Deli Market. Still feeling pretty cheap, I bought only iced tea although I wanted to try a bottle of chardonnay jelly. (The $13 price stopped me. I could make a whole batch for that. If I made jelly.)

I stopped at a couple of antique places. The first one, The Eclectic Garage, is full of treasures which are lovingly displayed. I saw lots of vintage cookware that I wanted to bring home, but restrained myself. (I must not pay $45 for an antique bowl set I will only break the first time I use it—at least until I get a full-time, permanent job.)

The second store (not sure of the name) was so full of antiques, I was scared to walk through the place for fear of getting lock jaw or being buried underneath a mound of furniture. I was terrified I would get lost and some tourists would find my skeleton years down the road. (I did scratch my leg, though, so it’s quite possible I won’t live to see autumn.)

I made out much better the other day when I found two second-hand Martha Stewart pillow shams at Frenchys.

Source: Julie

And then I visited the Dawson Daisy, where I found a Nautica duvet set for myself for $8.

Source: Julie

And one for my mother in this pattern:

Source: Julie

I love second-hand bargains—especially when they’re made of toile!

Finally, while I did not get many treasures from the Mahone Bay flea market, I did get a few shots of the beautiful little town.

Source: Julie
Source: Julie
Source: Julie
Source: Julie
Source: Julie
Source: Julie
Source: JulieSource: Julie

Needless to say, amidst all the washing I did this weekend, I did find time for some adventuring.


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