My first attempt at corn flour tortillas; or, more accurately, corn flour bits

I like to cook on occasion, although sometimes, I’d much rather eat cold cereal which is instant and requires no effort unless you count spooning it up to my mouth. Nachos and mac and cheese are also quick and easy.  (Thankfully all of these meals are doable on the gluten-free plan.)

And so, with a bunch of gluten free flours in my pantry (corn flour, buckwheat flour, teff flour, coconut flour, rice flour, all purpose flour, etc) I Googled some recipes to keep me from going through the carb DTs.

When I landed on “corn tortillas” and discovered it required TWO ingredients, I knew I had found my kind of recipe.

Ingredient 1: corn flour*

Ingredient 2: water

I even have a cast iron pan, so I was ready to begin corn tortilla production. In fact, I would become so good at them, I would start selling them in stores all across Lunenburg County—maybe even across the province! Canada! the world!

With great gusto, I poured the corn flour into the bowl and added water.

I mixed it until it made a decent dough, then began rolling it out.

Then the problems began.

For one, the canola oil in my cast iron pan began smoking like crazy, so I had to air out the kitchen before the smoke detector started howling.

Once that challenge was overcome, the “tortillas” (or round blobs of corn flour and water) began falling apart like Justin Bieber.

The first “tortilla” came out of the frying pan in pieces, looking more like broken tortilla chips than something from which you could make a fajita.

I began using wax paper to roll out the tortillas, and by the fifth one, it was no longer in pieces—in fact, with the lovely brown grill marks, the tortillas looked quite tasty.

I ate all of the broken pieces for supper topped with salsa and cheddar cheese.  (No sour cream in the house, unfortunately.)

I’m hoping to use the remaining fried blobs of corn flour this week as “sandwiches” after trashing my white rice bread after two mouthfuls. I’m not sure if the blobs will remain intact long enough for me to eat them or not.

Next mission: Googling “corn flour tortillas falling apart” before I start calling grocery stores to carry my product.

Source: Julie
These would be the whole tortillas.

* EDIT: Use Maseca flour if you can find it. It’s a beautiful thing and works like magic. When I used it instead of regular ol’ corn flour, my tortillas were almost perfect.


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  1. Julie says:

    The trick is to use Maseca brand corn flour. It made lovely tortillas that were easier to work with, tasted better, and are now soft enough to roll. I added a little veggie oil and salt, too.

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