I finally lost my yoga virginity


I think the title of this post says it all.

I finally gave the downward dog a try. I probably still would be a yoga virgin if I hadn’t done it through work. (Mostly, this is because of money. I haven’t had expendable income for things like yoga.)

I’m not a total Neanderthal, though. I’m occasionally hip; I’m occasionally modern. I’ve tried tai chi (I flunked out after a class or two, mostly because I couldn’t remember the moves in order to practice them at home).

I’ve even tried pilates. This experiment was done in my bedroom, and I stopped doing it after discovering I couldn’t do the abdominal roll without risk to my person and the things around me.

Ultimately, I think the best exercises are learned one-on-one. I don’t always recommend giving it the old college try yourself, as you can’t be sure you’re doing the positions correctly. I also don’t recommend trying a huge class, especially when it happens in a room with a mirror and you get confused by exercises when they are in reverse. (Yes, I am one of those people who can be utterly perplexed by right and left. On more than one occasion, I’ve been told, “No no, your OTHER left.”)

I am happy to say that I LOVED my first try at yoga.

It was hard, although some of the postures felt pretty good. My only complaint was that it hurt my wrists, which are exhausted from the millions of letters I’ve typed through the years. (Yes, I’m probably only one paragraph away from carpal tunnel syndrome.)

I do wish there were more affordable classes in rural Nova Scotia. My small community is only beginning to rejuvenate with small businesses after decades of decline.  There definitely isn’t a yoga studio here.  Or a fitness ANYTHING, especially since the local teen centre closed for demolition (there used to be a Curves-type circuit there). Fitness here is limited to whatever you can do outside, like tipping cows or mowing hay.

Since I’ve been trying to eat healthier since I began my gluten-free kick, I’m also interested in upping my activity level from couch potato sedentary to something that will help me not die of heart disease when I’m 40.

And so I bought another pilates book yesterday. This one has a DVD.

Watch out lamps.  Steer clear, kitty cat.

The living room may not be safe again.

Source: Grammarly (Facebook)
Source: Grammarly (Facebook)

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