Humidex and whining advisory for Nova Scotia


I’ve been prepping for it for 12 hours now, waiting for it to come like one of those people who help in disasters.

The heat.

It’s supposed to be over 40 degrees today with the humidex figured in. (If you’re not sure what the humidex is, it’s the Canadian scale of how freakin’ hot it really feels despite the reading on the thermometer.) In other words, it may only get to 32 degrees Celsius on the thermometer, but most of us will be gasping for breath and begging for coolness because our bodies think we’re on the surface of the sun.

I did my weekly chores last night while it was still a cool 25 degrees. The small air conditioner in the living room, along with the little wind farm of fans, made the house quite tolerable.

So I vacuumed up Jack’s fur kittens. Wiped down the floor with my non-Swiffer Swiffer. Cleaned the mouldy food out of the fridge. Reorganized the bathroom vanity and scattered a year’s worth of dust bunnies. Put fresh pillowcases on the couch floor pillows.

Some people might have the misconception that Canada is cold. The reality is, summers are absolutely frickin’ hot, mostly because we get long periods of humidity that make you feel like you want to immerse yourself in water filled with ice cubs. Don’t get me wrong: winters can get a little chilly, especially in January and February. But by July and August, you forget that while you’re drowning in your own sweat.

And for some reason, my body detests the heat. I’m quite comfy wearing a sweater instead of a coat most of the winter. I just seem to run on a higher temperature. When August comes, I could strut around in my birthday suit if I wasn’t concerned about the nakedness and cellulite.

The day I have enough money for a pool (even an above ground one) I will be ecstatic and feel like I have everything I need. (That and an iPad.)

I’m soon heading to Bridgewater for some groceries so I can beat the heat. All of that concrete and asphalt reflects the sun like crazy. Add in some vehicle exhaust and you’ve got a picture of what hell must look like in July.

Well. I’m done complaining. Enjoy your hot weekend and keep cool!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Hannah says:

    Bridgewater is a uniquely unpleasant armpit of humanity on hot summer days, too. You’d think the river would cool it off a little, but no – it’s just a sweaty, airless hole where a surprising number of overweight men do not wear deodorant or bathe frequently enough.

    I’m noodling on the internet while I finish my coffee and then I too am going to get as many chores done as I can before it gets too hot. One has to prepare for these events. Also, I do not possess an air conditioner. *weeps*

  2. HH says:

    Hiding indoors just outside of Halifax waiting for the thunderstorms that they have been warning us about. Yes, it’s stinking hot. Let the whining begin.

  3. Natasha says:

    love it. we are from the UK and constantly have the battle with friends there about the misconception that Canada is always cold, this post has the humidex down to a tea!

    1. Julie says:

      Humidity is my enemy. I always say I hate the sun, but I think it’s all humidity. The sun without humidity is just lovely.

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