21 things that bug me as of July 17

  1. Bugs. Specifically the ants that have taken over my kitchen. Also, silverfish and earwigs.
  2. Ant bait that doesn’t work.
  3. When my cat attacks my arm for talking too loudly.
  4. Reruns, especially of reality shows.
  5. Phone tag.
  6. Oversleeping because you set your alarm to 7PM not 7AM. (Tuesday.)
  7. Discovering your favourite shorts and yoga pants are in the wash.
  8. Getting something on your brand new shirt when you normally buy used clothes.
  9. Having to shave three times a week because it’s summer and you can’t hide in pants and a burqa.
  10. Smudges on my glasses even after I’ve “cleaned” them.
  11. Cabinet shuffles in government.
  12. Nightmares about being late for a job interview. (Especially when you’re alarm clock challenged. See No, 5.)
  13. Jenny McCarthy being hired for The View to replace Elisabeth Hasselbeck.
  14. Elisabeth Hasselbeck.
  15. The anti vaccine movement.
  16. People who are obsessed with The Royal Baby Wait.
  17. When it rains after I wash the car.
  18. Wasted food that is past its best before date and growing green splotches.
  19. Celebrities dying too young from addiction.
  20. Loose asphalt from newly filled potholes dinging up through my wheel wells.
  21. And, finally, when the humidex goes over 40 degrees Celsius more than 0 days in a row.

Satan and Summer


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