Summer is here, therefore I’m writing this while sweating. Profusely.


Yup, it’s so hot, I’m pretty sure my muscles and nerves are separating from my skin. Melting into a puddle is imminent.

There’s a nice picture, eh? Almost as nice as me sweating.

The summer humidity has hit just in time for the weekend and my niece’s second birthday party.

For the Canada Day long weekend?

Nothing. but. rain.

To be fair, I’m a fan of rain if it means not sweating. In fact, the sun came out long enough to have a parade and most of a garden party. The rain began, though, for the fireworks. I made the mistake of wearing GLASSES instead of contacts, which meant when my face was tilted up to the sky, my vision got full of drops. I think I wiped my glasses 15 times throughout the half-hour fireworks display.

Apparently we have the second best fireworks in Nova Scotia. Not exactly enough to get you on the cover of the Globe and Mail, but pretty respectable. Worth getting drenched for, anyway.

My girl workshops start Monday. I’m stoked. And a little terrified. What have I forgotten in all of the totes in my car? Something important? The First Aid kit? Nope. Got the kit. And Muppets Band-Aids.

I have only 6 weeks of work left. So far, nothing has turned up for the fall.  I forgot to apply to some of the first round postings, which probably made not one iota of a difference since I have no experience and 17 experienced teachers were laid off this spring. There was one job to apply for this round; I’m not holding my breath. I am, however, trying my best to master the phrase “Would you like fries with that?” in case any of the fast food establishments in my area decide finally it’s okay to hire someone with a Master’s degree.

Anyone out there looking for an overqualified writer?

I work especially good with coffee and chocolate cake. I also like to complain about the heat.


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