Weary week


Here it is, Saturday, and I am bushed.

It’s been a long week. My uncle died, which resulted in the usual funeral rituals that are, in themselves, exhausting. At the same time, work was busy, thanks to many tours around the countryside tacking posters to any and every bulletin board alongside the usual advertisements: 4×4 truck for sale, lost cat, lobster supper Saturday. My co-worker and I also gave a number of presentations to students so they will come to our summer camp.

To compensate for the crappy week, I have taken several productive naps, eaten a variety of things that are bad for me (comfort food, anyone? cellulite, anyone?) and tried to get things back in balance.

For the most part, this meant doing all the laundry, stripping my bed, cleaning out the fridge and freezer, making homemade meatballs, and, finally, tidying my office area (e.g. reorganizing all of the little baskets which hold enough Post-its to sink the Titanic, Lusitania, AND the Empress of Ireland). I also have enough binder clips to bring down the International Space Station. OCD can be a good thing.

Thankfully, summer is here.  (Although one could point out that the days will begin getting shorter now.)

I put my garden in last weekend. That very same night, the racoons dug out the bean seeds and toilet paper-like strips of seed tape.(It makes carrots and radish easy to sow.)

The next night, the neighbours’ cat thought the garden looked like the world’s best litter box.

So tomorrow, I’ll be putting my garden in again. I think I may have to change my name to Sisyphus.

I’m disappointed that I haven’t been doing creative writing beyond my blog. This time I really can’t blame it on any funk other than laziness. I’ve bought two lovely journals from the Dollarama (no, really, they’re very lovely) so I hope to start scribbling notes and things which will eventually work their way into novels.

Finally, some things I’ve learned about funerals:

  • Never wear mascara to a visitation or funeral. It’s never as waterproof as you think.
  • Chocolate cake helps with the grieving process.
  • It feels weird to laugh at a funeral.
  • Sandwiches made by someone else are always epic and delicious.  Like meaty fluff.
  • You will look around at everyone else to see if it’s okay to whip out the tissue and begin wiping your eyes.
  • A lot of hugging happens.
  • There will always be at least one person at the funeral who doesn’t turn off their cell phone. And gets a call.

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