I’m finally employed… at least for 10 weeks!

Life as a Millennial with an Arts degree is pretty dismal. I can use lots of big words, but that doesn’t put food on the table—especially now that Kraft Dinner is $1.99 a box.

For the last six years (with the exception of my 16 months in my BEd program), I have been looking for work. If I had a dollar for each time I logged onto the Service Canada Job Bank, I’d be able to retire.

When I started my BA in 2002, the job market wasn’t so abysmal. Lots of media jobs were posted online, and most of them required a degree. I went the extra step and got a MA in English, thinking I’d be raking in the money, especially with a background in Journalism.

Well that didn’t happen. Turns out I couldn’t get any work aside from making Christmas wreaths for five weeks out of the year.

Eventually, I picked up a job an hour away at a radio station. While it was a good experience until I started getting hassled at work, it only paid $11 a hour. Most of my money went into my gas tank, especially when the price topped $1.40 a litre.

And so,  I went back to school to get a BEd. I learned how to public speak. I learned how to lesson plan around the province’s curriculum outcomes. I learned a lot about kids and adults.

Two years later, I’m still in the subbing system, trying to master the art of getting hired. My weakness in interviews has meant I’ve come really close to work, but not quite close enough.

Thankfully, I’ve nabbed a job for the summer. Huzzah! Ten whole weeks of full-time work! Even better, it involves working with kids! A job I can actually put on my resume!

I’ll be leading children’s workshops all summer. I’ll need to promote the workshops and facilitate them. I think it will be great… plus, I need to fix my car, go to the dentist, and maybe (just maybe!) get an iPad Mini so I can keep up to the kids this year (some of the schools are buying class sets of them for educational purposes).

I’m super-excited to be useful for 10 weeks.

It’s amazing how small blessings can rock one’s world, after a litany of nos, and sitting home wondering what’s wrong with me.

I’ll be eating the REAL Kraft Dinner this summer. No No Name Mac and Cheese for me!

One can dream…

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