Holy summer heat!

I need to write this post quickly, because it’s too freakin’ hot to have the netbook on my lap for long.

Yes, it’s only June 1, but summer is here with a vengeance.

I’m pretty sure we had snow a couple of weeks ago. And I know for sure that the oil heat was running last week.

The humidex today was 36 degrees Celsius.

I drove to a local lake today, just to dip my toes in the water—and it was WARM! Normally the lake isn’t swimable until late June.

I’m sure many people are in their glory, but me, being the freak of nature that I am, heat the hate. I washed the car tonight, and was 10 shades of red before I came inside to have a cool-down bath.

Enough complaining.

What else is new?

My fingers are crossed that I have a job for the summer. I should hear back early this week—yay or nay. My official position would be Lead Facilitator for children’s workshops this summer. As a substitute teacher, it’s incredibly stressful to NOT have a job for summer, especially when you don’t make oodles of money all year. May has been a great month, though. I’m hoping I will busy for the first two weeks of June, before exams begin.

I’m still going to physio. The past two weeks, I have been going to massage therapy two times a week; this week it scales back to once per week. I’ve got lots of neck and shoulder exercises to do, although they increase my tension and pain, not decrease it.

Overall, treatment for my whiplash has been pretty disappointing; I almost think it would have healed just as much without treatment, just time. The crappy part about all of those appointments for your injury is that they make you think about it INCESSANTLY. You never get a break from it because you are always focused on doing your exercises, arranging appointments, and wondering if you need to adjust your posture. Despite all of that, my spine still cracks non-stop, and is full of tension whenever I’m reading or watching TV.

I must have complainacitis tonight. It’s the heat, I swear. (I originally wrote “sweat” instead of swear. Freudian slip.)

Tomorrow, though, I hope to go swimming. That should totally make it better, right?

Flipflop season is officially here.

This would make anyone feel better.


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