I finally joined the 21st century by ACTIVATING my wireless

Even though I live in the Sticks, I have had high speed internet for quite a few years. It may be end-of-the-line high speed internet (according to those speed tests) but at least it’s better than dial up. (Do people even still have dial up? I mean, I can see having it at one’s cottage, but at one’s house? Not that I have a cottage. Or a house. Or a car that’s completely paid off.)

I’ve also had a wireless modem for as long as I’ve had my broadband.

Of course, just because I plugged it in and began using it didn’t mean I figured out how to start using it properly.

Today, while spring cleaning my computer (and deleting a bunch of junk), I decided to call Bell Aliant support.

And so, tonight, I’m writing this post on my netbook far away from my desktop computer and my modem.

I feel free.

I’ve spent all evening updating programs that haven’t been updated since last summer, when I last connected my netbook to the internet.

I can’t really explain why it took me five years to get my wireless working. Especially because I’m super excited the wireless works outside on the porch! and in the basement! and in my bedroom!

It’s like someone discovering indoor plumbing for the first time.

I don’t know why we put off doing things for so long. I attribute it to a well-developed sense of procrastination—and maybe the fact I know I will NEVER EVER get off the internet now that I’m plunked down in my comfy arm chair.

Can you expect more blog posts?

Yes. I think you can.


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