I survived another day

It’s 11:30PM and I’m pretty stoked. I have a day’s work tomorrow. And these days, I take it one day at a time, even though I’d like job security for the next 300 years, please.

Today was a non-work day (that’s the terminology of my online substitute system called AESOP) because I had my first massage therapy session at 1:45, which killed the day for work.

It wasn’t bad. I didn’t even have to take my bra off, which I’m loathe to do outside the privacy of my bedroom.

Tonight, I don’t even hurt.  (I may regret these cocky words in the morning, as I was warned my muscles may be tender the next day.)


I felt good enough afterwards that I went to the gas station, got gas (seems like an obvious thing to do), and vacuumed and washed my car with the self-service cleaning areas that smell of questionable decisions washed out of cars the morning after. (There was a weird blanket by the vacuum despite the sign stating Take your garbage with you, you filthy pigs. I may be paraphrasing the sign, however.)

Spring makes me want to keep my car spotless. I don’t know if it’s the shovelling out of the winter rocks which accumulate on the floor mats, or the stale funk I keep trying to drown with Lysol’s answer to Febreeze spray. Even so, my car has been smelling like old winter air perfumed with “fresh linen” or the chemical concoction that promises to trick my brain into thinking there’s fresh laundry in my car.

As long as I’m paying for the car, it’s going to be so shiny, it’ll burn your retinas if you stare at it long enough.

And it got kind of dirty going through the woods of Queens County, quite literally. A Sunday drive turned from a “Why don’t we go down this road?” to wending through the pines alongside the Medway River. There was not even pavement. No siree. Just dirt. I thought we were going to die, but the power lines marking the road gave me strength that we were in “some” form of civilization, and were going to make it out on the other side.

However, a bathroom emergency necessitated stopping at the nearest rest stop (a mossy road) and praying for no oncoming cars.

Not one drove by. Not in ten whole minutes.

FYI, the road between Mill Village and Greenfield, although a bit rough and unpaved, offers gorgeous scenery of the Medway River and the thick forests of Queens County.

Just remember one thing: there are no Tim Hortons on the route. Plan accordingly.


As you can tell, I’ve been doing some serious redesigning on my blog.

I don’t mind, because I feel like I’m ready to commit to this theme template for quite some time. It’s got amazing features, fonts that don’t make me want to throw up, and a slider menu that is just incredible.

Please let me know what you think. Even if you hate it, I’ve got to live with it for awhile. However, I always enjoy feedback for my future endeavors.

Happy reading, peoples, and get out there and enjoy some spring weather.

I’ve got my lawn seed, my lettuce seed, and sheep s#!^.

I’m still not sure why I buy such things as manure when I live in the country.

However, at 4 for $10, it seemed too good a deal to pass up.


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