In which I spend my Saturday night redesigning my blog yet again.

It’s a well-known fact that I don’t have a life.

And so here I am on Saturday night, redoing my blog with a new theme that really rocks my socks. I’m hoping this one is a keeper, because I spend more time messing around with themes than I do writing actual posts.

On job hunting…

Yes, the job hunt continues. I’ve even resorted to applying to fast food restaurants, although I’m pretty sure managers will look at my resume, see three university degrees, and consider me either a) useless and inept (only a half-truth) b) over-priced c) someone who is going to get bored really quickly with deep-fryers.

I love having Arts degrees.

On raking…

Spring is here, but NOT THE FLIES. This means that I rake every. single. day. And let me tell you, two acres is a lot of frickin’ raking. Especially since the snow plough drivers winged enough rocks onto the lawn to fill in most of the driveway. (I’m not lying on this one; we seriously have a new driveway.)

However, I only last about two or three hours before the sun makes me beet read, and my neck starts snapping like popcorn in the microwave.

Good times in the Maritimes.

On physio…

I finally got the insurance paperwork done for physio after getting whiplashed in February. By the time the paperwork was done, the doctor’s forms filled out and signed, faxes completed, my neck and shoulders were getting much better. Now that I’ve started physio, I’m almost worse than I was in the beginning, plus I’ve put in over 500 kilometres driving back and forth to medical appointments.

I can hardly wait for massage therapy on Monday. I’m told it will hurt. Goody.

On the best news I’ve had in a long time…

I’m going to be an auntie again in October! Yes, my one and only brother will be having a new baby (well, not him, but my sister-in-law).

Who wouldn’t want another of these? I know I would!



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