My bi-monthly I’m-not-dead-yet post

Good afternoon, dear reader. I hope you’re well and not looking out at the snowflakes thinking, as I am, OMG WILL IT EVER STOP?

The bird herd out on my lawn seems to think spring weather is nearly here. There must be dozens of robins bopping over the grass, uprooting leaves. I’m not sure if there’s a Hitchcock movie filming here in Lunenburg County or they just have bird intuition that the snow is soon over.

I’ve already cleaned out my car and begun panicking over swimsuit season, so the birds must be right.

I hope you had a great long weekend. Mine was a bit dull, but punctuated with welcome visits and a lemon pie I made that was epic. It was from scratch. From REAL lemons. And butter. Needless to say, it was rich and made me think I will never stop craving pastries and other naughty sweets.

Although I haven’t been blogging much, I have been trying to write fiction. I’ve also been reading up a storm. These seem like good occupations for an underemployed substitute. I feel that I’m at least nurturing my mind.

I had a job interview last Thursday for a mentor/guidance counsellory type position, and I’m watching the phone like a hawk, willing it to ring with positive news. Do I jump every time it rings? You betcha. So far, I’ve only gotten excited for telemarketers. (Probably the only time they get someone picking up the phone with an eager, Hello? Hello? You want to hire me? I’s a good girl, I is.)*

There’s been a lot of upheaval in the local school board this year. There were a lot of budget cuts (READ: no extra jobs for new graduates) and there are more in store for the next school year.

I should have become a hair stylist. I’m also practicing another line for when the tulips blossom:

Buy a flower off a pore girl, won’t you?*

* I may have recently read Pygmalion, among my many literary exploits.

Source | Mary Evans Picture Library


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