Steal of the week: A list of things everyone’s supposed to like but I’m just not that into

The title sums it up perfectly: this is a list of things I should like, but don’t, borrowed from fellow blogger Amy Wheaton at Rainy Saturday.

Things most people are supposed to like, but I don’t

  • beer (yeasty grossness)
  • wine (maybe because I only buy cheap stuff?)
  • nutritional yeast (I’m sorry, but it DOES NOT taste like cheese; instead it tastes like dry flakes of blech)
  • high heels (I think it’s because my balance is atrocious)
  • people on smartphones 24/7 (while I enjoy the fact people no longer talk to their loved ones via cell with loud voices, it’s appalling to see how besotted people are with their smartphones, to the point of ignoring people around them; I’ll pick live people to chat with any day versus some text on a phone)
  • snow days (I don’t get paid for them; nuff said)
  • iPods (I have the Shuffle and it drives me bat-$#!% crazy when it moves onto the next song when you bump it. I also hate how I had to erase all my songs when I changed computers. Eff you Shuffle. Eff you.)
  • Pinterest
  • reality shows (I never got into Big Brother and its ilk. Never will)
  • and finally, despite my love of cats, the Grumpy Cat meme is well past annoying (I felt a little dirty looking for a pic to illustrate my blog post, but here it is)

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