Still here, still blogging, still underemployed


Here I am!

I know it’s been awhile, but sometimes, you just have to take a blogging vacay. And normally, when I log onto WordPress, I get caught up playing with the Themes feature. (This is why the look changes like EVERY WEEK. Sorry for the lack of consistency.)

So what’s up?

Well, I’m still underemployed and sending out resumes a-plenty. It’s hard to keep the faith, but at least subbing has picked up. (READ: I can buy groceries now.)

Last week, I had my favourite thing ever—The Stomach Flu. I hate the stomach flu with the passion of a thousand fiery suns. All I did was sub ONE DAY at an elementary school, and then one evening later, I was driving the porcelain bus. Actually, I was driving a wicker wastebasket with a bunch of grocery bags lining it. When I’m sick, I’m glad I still live with my Mummy. I don’t care if I’m 32. I’ll still let her hand me a warm facecloth to wipe my face.

The only good thing about the stomach flu? Losing five pounds. I’m hoping they stay off, even when my appetite returns. And so far, it really hasn’t. Especially now that I have a touch of the cold. (I think this is my comeuppance for bragging that I wasn’t been sick all winter.)

Aside from working more, I’ve been nursing a few more headaches than usual thanks to the dude who rear-ended me at a red light. (Who also smelled of alcohol, I’d like to add.)

My car is all fixed up, $1350 later, but my neck and head are still acting up. I feel like the biggest weenie. Ever. I always thought whiplash was one of those fake ailments you use to get lots of cash from the other persons’ insurance. That’s probably why I waited a month to go back and see my doctor for a referral for some physio. Good times. I’ll never make fun of whiplash again. (I’ve also become a lot more careful driving so I don’t run into anyone.)

While this could make the winter blues worse, my funk is lifting. Daylight Savings’ Time is here and it’s daylight until after 7PM now. If that doesn’t lift a person’s mood, I don’t know what does.

Hope you too, dear reader, are feeling spring around the corner.

I know my flip flops are just waiting for the mud to disappear.

Oh, yes, and the snow.

Poor car.
Poor car.

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