Dispatches from the weekend


Well, here it is, Saturday again.

Since I’m a fan of bullets (the computer variety, not the NRA kind), I’m going to write everything in bullet form. You’re welcome.

  • I’m writing on a new keyboard. Well, it’s not exactly new; I bought it years ago when I was at Acadia University and forced to endure typing theses on laptops (around this time, I also learned the glory of laser printers). I saw this cordless keyboard set on eBay and was hooked. The keys feel luxurious. The tapping is gentle, soothing. I am in computer heaven. I don’t know why this was buried in the basement under a layer of dust for the past few years.
  • The days are getting longer. Yes. I know I’m stating the obvious, but since it’s January, I thought you could use the reminder. Spring is coming, yes! (Oh, crap. That means summer is coming. And that means swimsuit season is coming. And I haven’t started on my resolutions yet. $#*&!
  • I have a new fridge. Thank you Kijiji. I have needed one for about a year, which is as long as the 35 year old fridge was making death noises. Over the winter, the noises got worse. I happened upon a 2 year old fridge on Kijiji one night. $250. And although it took a month (!!!) to arrange for the final pickup, it’s in the kitchen and humming beautifully. Even better, through Efficiency Nova Scotia’s Appliance Retirement program, someone is going to pick up the old one, send a cheque to me for $35, and put 125 Air Miles on my card. Win. I can’t wait to see the first power bill, too; I expect the fridge to pay for itself in savings in 2 years, especially as it is an Energy Star model.
  • I am now a Regal Representative and Avon Independent Representative! I wanted to do some selling from home, and decided on these 2. I suspect I am going to buy more products than any of my customers, however, so I’ll let you know how profitable it is. The cool thing about both companies is that you can order online now. Everything can be done online. It’s like heaven. Especially with this keyboard. Tick, tick, click, click.
  • Subbing has been slow so far. School has been back for a week and a half, and I’ve only nabbed one day. However, that day involved eating corn chowder made in Family Studies, so win for me!
  • On the literary front, I’ve got a couple of books on the go, including Go Ask Alice. Look forward to some new reviews in the near future.

Well, that’s all for now. I’m sure this is enough reading for you on the weekend. So go forth and do your weekend things.

Drink a little wine while you’re at it, or be like me, and rock the coffee.


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  1. karmicangel says:

    mmm.. new keyboard sounds heavenly!

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