Goals for the New Year


Goals sounds much less IMPOSING than the word resolutions, doesn’t it? Resolutions smacks of diets and cardio. Each year I resolve to diet, then after one day of feeling hunger pains, I’m back to eating my regular ol’ way (which is neither horrible nor perfectly healthy).

This year I hope…

… to eat more fruits and vegetables. Again, better than just plain dieting. The only thing that’s really WRONG with my diet (aside from my chocolate cravings) is that I don’t get enough fruit and vegetables. I made an all-vegetable stirfry for supper, which was rather tasteless, mostly because I avoid using a lot of salt. I may have to increase my salt in order to eat more veggies, as it’s the only way to make them palatable.

— to be more social. I’m generally an introvert, and without significant effort, I tend to stay that way. However, I love being with people and talking, so this year, I want to get out more instead of staying home. I can do that any old time.

… to be more positive and funny on Facebook and Twitter. Instead of wasting space on the internet, I would like to contribute to it in a good way without resorting to status updates about food or weather. I may have to restrain myself.

… to get a job. This is nothing new. But my fingers are crossed that the American Fiscal Cliff won’t impact hiring here in Nova Scotia, because I need me a job with benefits.

… to finish paying off some university bills. I’ve been working on this all year, and it will continue. A full-time job would make it easier, but when are things ever EASY?

.. to be 450% more awesome. I’m not sure what steps I’ll take to achieve this, but stay tuned!

Dear Reader, I hope you have a great 2013, filled with great health, warm love, and fewer news stories about the Kardashians. Considering Kayne and Kim K are going to procreate, I don’t see this happening.

You never know, maybe in 2014!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Christine says:

    Great resolutions. Mind if I copy and paste them for my own? I’ve got resolution writers’ block!

    1. Julie says:

      Not a problem! 😀

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