New Year Eve’s Bingo

I saw this on Facebook tonight, and thought it was perfect—at least for all of you who go out on New Year’s Eve.

Source | Facebook

I’m staying at home tonight. Yes, I know. Queen of Cool. Hold your adulation for later.

I made caesar salad and brushetta for supper, which was my nod to the holiday. I fully intend to be lazy tonight, and doing some variation of reading/petting the cat/watching DVDs/bemoaning my boringness. At least I’ll be living it up when I go to bed because it’s Clean Bed Night. My favourite night of the week.

Now, as you all go to your holiday celebrations, I have to go to the litter box.

From the smells of things, it’s time to scoop.

Too bad there’s not a block on the bingo card for SCOOP CAT POOP.

Happy New Year!


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