Surviving the storm. Well, the half-storm.

I was expected to be buried under mounds (yes, mounds!) of snow today. The forecast called for up to 40 centimetres of snow and lots of wind.

Instead, when I woke up, the road was clear and my car was still visible.


We did get some snow. And yes, I still fulfilled my snow day obligations of staying in my jammies until 3PM. I wrote a bit, read a bit, petted the cat a bit, and, having tired myself out, napped with the cat while curled in the chair.

I love snow days. Mostly because

a) I’m not a plow truck driver

b) I don’t have kids that demand to be in the snow 24/7; or take an hour to put on snowsuits moments before saying they have to pee

c) My job is usually cancelled when my car is buried under a huge snow drift

d) I’m a sick f#@%

After my over-taxing day, I managed to make some whole wheat mac and cheese, and chocolate bran muffins from the Blue Menu line at Superstore. (P.S. They are super tasty. Especially if you add a little more canola oil, and include the whole two eggs, not just the whites.)


Maybe I’m just exhausted after shopping for new face wash.

I don’t know when you last checked out the face care aisle, but ay caramba! Each company has a bazillion (I’m not exaggerating) varieties of face wash and moisturizer.

Thankfully, I did my research beforehand at Beautypedia, home of Cosmetics Cop Paula Begoun. There, you can find reviews on most beauty products (even Canadian ones). And the focus is all on the INGREDIENTS.

And so, armed with a list of “Best Products” (which is surprisingly small), I went to the face care aisle at the Superstore.

I settled on some Neutrogena products. Their Extra Gentle Cleanser appealed to me because I have super-sensitive-bordering-on-rosacea skin. I also liked that the stuff didn’t break the bank, as so often happens when I buy my Biotherm (which has not been on my shopping list for awhile, due to the cost).



I’ll l et you know how they pan out. I’m still getting some dry skin, but it’s not burning—always a good sign.

I also got some Curel foot lotion to get rid of my ugly feet. (Rubbing my feet together could start a fire, I swear.)


After one night, I’m impressed. The tube cost $3.99, which is why I bought it. I used to buy Vichy’s Pedexine, which is tres, tres expensive at about $20 a pop.

So far, my skin is softer and not like sand paper! No more fire starting!

Speaking of which, the plow just went on the almost-bare road.

I think I saw sparks.


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