Holiday hodgepodge

It’s all over for another year. Except working off all the holiday goodies.

I hope you had a wonderful holiday season. Mine was, as usual, a mixed bag, which I think is to be expected when you have two different families. One high point was playing with my niece, who will be 2 in July. She’s a delight. And soooo good. If have children, I want them to be as good as her.

Santa was good to me as usual. He didn’t hear that we weren’t exchanging many presents, so, of course, we got lots. I also got some money to put towards my snow tires (score!)

And food. I was a regular Martha Stewart. Aside from making a full turkey meal, complete with a chocolate raspberry cake, I made

  • peanut butter balls
  • shortbreads with frosting
  • peppermint patties
  • orange cream candies
  • nuts and bolts

I gave most of it away, because I don’t need the extra calories, and lord knows, I would have eaten them all. With lots of coffee.

If you’re looking for some inspiring (and humourous) holiday reading, check out Live Laugh Lungs. It’s a blog about the journey to get a double lung transplant. Its writer, Jessica, has cystic fibrosis. I went to school with her, and delight in her blog. She’s got a great sense of humour despite the hardships she’s faced.

Oh yeah, and PS – she gets lungs!

There are holiday miracles all around. For me, it will be that I don’t gain 10 pounds. Minor problem, I know!

Happy New Year, y’all! Take care on the roads out there.


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