Since I had 92 page views of this article yesterday, I thought I’d reblog it. Plus, it’s pertinent today here in Nova Scotia. Safe travels!

The Daily Hodgepodge

There’s a voice that keeps on calling me, through the snow, that’s where I’ll always be.  Every stop I make, can’t get started again.  Just hit the gas, hold on fast, and I’ll pass again.

Okay, so that lame attempt to rewrite the Littlest Hobo theme song has been brought to you by an early Saturday attempt to blog (early? it’s 11:34!)

In honour of all the winter weather which has cursed blessed us with mounds of snow, I’d like to offer my tips for driving in snowy, slippery conditions.

As someone who commutes two hours every day, I know a few things about driving in the winter.

These are my stories.

Dum, dum.

  • Always remember to wear or carry warm winter clothes in your car.  You never know when you’ll have to walk out of Timbuktu because your car is mired in a snowbank the size of Ski Martock. …

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