Dear Santa

Sundays at my house invariably look like this:

Source | Julie

This is Jack “helping” to make my bed. Usually I have to come back later to finish the corner.

Now that it’s getting close to Christmas, I thought I’d make my wish list to Santa just in case he happens to read my blog.

Thus, here is my fantasy wish list.

iPad mini – I would rather have the mini version of the iPad rather than the full size version. However, I’m not picky: I would accept ANY tablet, even a Blackberry one.

iPhone or smartphone – Ideally, I would like an iPhone because I want to be one of the cool kids. However, again, I’m not picky: any smartphone that can pick up WiFi signals and has a camera of at least 5 MPs would suit me just fine. I’d like to be able to check AESOP for jobs anywhere, even at school.

Keurig – I love the speed of the Keurig and all the nifty little cups you can buy for it. I also love that you can buy a basket and use regular coffee grounds when you’re being thrifty and good to the environment.

cast iron frying pan – I haven’t had a good steak in eons—ever since my barbecue zonked out. After watching them make delicious looking steaks on Masterchef with cast iron frying pans, I want me one.

DSLR – I have a point and shoot camera, but it’s soon time to upgrade to something that takes lens. I want to up my photography game.

vacuum – Preferably one of those cool Dyson machines. The old one I use is from the 1980s, I kid you not. One of these days it’s going to make like the barbecue and die.

snow tires – These will probably be bought and paid for by yours truly before Christmas. However, if Santa wants to put them on my car before then, he can feel free.

fuzzy hoodie from Mark’s Work Wearhouse – The house is kept at about 15 degrees Celsius, meaning warm socks and hoodies are must haves. I really like the soft lined ones from Mark’s, although I’m not sure I could justify buying a $90 hoodie.

bookshelves – I have a lot of books. Therefore, I need bookshelves. My basement looks like a rummage sale: bookshelves would help alleviate this image problem.

teacher shoes – I need a pair of nice black shoes for teaching, preferably Naturalizers or Clarks. I like Mary Jane styles, or anything classic.

black diamond studs – Black diamonds are so unique. Santa, you can’t go wrong with shiny things. I’m like a crow. Caw, caw!

Thanks Santa, for considering my wishes. I’ll leave you some nice shortbreads and egg nog.

Yours truly,



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