Yes, I’m still alive, people

I’d like to say that, for the record, I’m still alive. I’m not sick. Not dead.

Instead, I’ve been busy working.

I know, I know. It’s quite different from my usual underemployment, which allows me lots of time to waste time on the internet (not that I’m wasting my time with you, Dear Reader).

I’ve been making Christmas wreaths at a local farm which equals lots of hard physical work. I’m soft, I’ll admit it. I’m a book worm, not a manual labour kinda girl. I’m also not accustomed to the whole production line thing.

However, work is work, and substituting has been slow this fall. More teachers than ever are in the subbing ranks, and it’s hard to get gigs. (Thankfully I have bookings Thursday and Friday at local schools, which makes me PUMPED!)

I did get shortlisted recently. Did the whole interview thang, but it didn’t work out. Zut. It was only for five months, but it was full-time. And those term positions are hard to get. Obviously.

I’m beginning to despair I’m never going to get a full-time job with benefits. But that’s for another day. I’m definitely living the life of the university-educated and underemployed. At the local farm, I’ve been working next to someone with a PhD in neurobiology.

The opportunities in Nova Scotia just never stop.

What else is new?

  • We have had no snow yet. Yes, no snow. (Say that quickly 10 times in a row.) It’s been a bit chilly, but most of the time, I work in short sleeves. Ironically, I come home then and simply MUST turn up the heat, wear wool socks, and even plunk a hat on my head. 
  • I’ve been making lots from scratch, including salad dressings aplenty. Sorry Kraft, but I haven’t used pre-made dressing in a loooooooong time. As long as I have olive oil, vinegar, and mayonnaise, the world is my oyster. Or salad, as it were.
  • I’m reading Noam Chomsky’s book Hegemony or Survival: America’s Quest for Global Dominance. I think he has the coolest name in the world. Case in point:Source | Facebook
  • I have yet to start ANY Christmas shopping, with the exception of the little gift exchange our lunch table did at the farm. You’d think smelling balsam fir all day would make one get in the Christmas spirit, but no. I’m already dreading how to avoid gorging on fudge and turkey.
  • On a related note, I’d like a stationary bicycle for Christmas. I’d prefer an elliptical, but by the time Santa hears I want a tablet, cast iron frying pan, Magic Bullet, DSLR, and Ferrari for Christmas, I’ll be lucky to get any exercise equipment.

Hope your holiday preparations go well! I’ll write soon.


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