Things to do with your extra hour


Hope you remembered to turn your clocks back last night. I haven’t done mine yet. I’m just subtracting an hour mentally until I get the ambition to change all 67 clocks in the house.

I love changing time.

I stayed up reading until 2:15AM which was really 1:15. I read a whole book last night. Yes, a whole one. Big White Knuckles (published by Vagrant Press in 2007) made me laugh and cry all in the span of a few hours. I like reading local books, mostly so I know which publishers to bug when I finally have a finished manuscript.

Reading late rocks my world. Why party in a club when you can cuddle up with a cat and blanket and book?

Here are a few suggestions for wasting that extra 60 minutes you have today:

  • Sleep in.*
  • Organize your sock drawer, which is remarkably easy if you’re like me and wear sandals all spring, summer, and fall.
    You could always whittle a deer cuckoo clock.
  • Bake some cookies. (Please leave some on my doorstep if you happen to live in Canada.)
  • Exercise.**
  • Rake some leaves, then jump in them. Unless you have a dog.***
  • Give yourself a pedi-mani.
  • Drink a bottle of wine. It’s the classy way to be an alcoholic.
  • Crack open a puzzle and sort through the pieces according to whether they look like gingerbread men.
  • Take down your air conditioner. Even I don’t use one this time of year. Except in the car.
  • Write a blog post. I’ll even link to it if you like.

* I can say that this is my perennial favourite.

** Yeah, yeah, I know. Don’t laugh so hard you pull an atrophied muscle.

*** Nothing destroys your fall fun like landing in a big steaming pile of feces.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. jo says:

    Where can I buy this clock?

    1. Julie says:

      I don’t know, but I saw it on Wikipedia and I know hunters would love to have it!

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