Halloween hijinks


You’re reading this, so I know you survived Halloween, I survived Halloween, and we’re one big happy family.

Plus, I only gained one pound from all the fudge/sugar cookies/cheese sticks/chocolate bars I snarfed down.

I was lucky enough to work on Halloween so I donned a purple shirt and a purple crown as a costume. I’m glad I kept it simple because the school was stifling thanks to Hurricane Sandy.

Even better than the free sugar cookies the size of dinner plates (barely an exaggeration), Jeremy Dias came in to speak to the students. Jeremy experienced horrific bullying as a teenager because of his colour and orientation and because people were just plain jerks. For some reason, The Powers That Be let it happen. Jeremy sued his school and school board, then used his settlement to establish a charity called Jer’s Vision. Now he goes around talking to students about his experiences.

If you ever get the chance to hear him speak, TAKE IT. He is an amazing storyteller who will make you laugh and cry. For reals. I thought I had it rough in high school, but I was a straight middle class white girl. I had it easy-peasy.

I’d like to report that my house was HOPPING Halloween night. We had over 20 trick or treaters at the door, an all-time high. I thought the hinges would wear out.

You know you live in the country when trick or treaters number in the double digits—or single digits as they often do.

I was so excited, I didn’t even care we gave all of our candy away (I did manage to hold on to some of the fudge, though).

Of course, I *may* have purchased more candy in town yesterday because it was about 99 cents a bag. And when you’re saving $8.60 a bag, who cares how many calories are in it?

It’s a bargain.


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