Wassup homeslices? (Other than me trying to sound cool.)


Okay, so it’s a bitter, drizzly fall afternoon, I’m hunkered down in my hoodie—there’s no excuse for me not doing a blog entry today.

I even slept in until eleven, when my cat decided I may or may not be alive, and needed prodding with his claws.

I also think it’s important to let you, Dear Blog Reader, know I’m alive occasionally. I am still alive and kicking. Well, alive anyway.

I’ve been keeping reasonably busy. Reasonably means I’m either subbing or clicking madly on AESOP, the “automated substitute management” thingy on the interent which I must refresh 43676 times to see if there are any available jobs. It’s enough to drive you a little mad.

Sometimes teachers call you in advance; others post teaching days on AESOP at about 4:00AM. Refreshing AESOP between midnight and 6AM tends to net you the most results. Any other time, you just get: I’m sorry. There are no available assignments at the moment suckas. Better apply for interest relief and hope VISA lost your number.

Good times.

When I’m not working (or when I’m watching over a class that actually does its work), I’m reading The God of Small Things. It’s a great book and I’m trying to read it slowly to enjoy the poetic language. Normally I inhale books like I haven’t had a good meal in days and am suddenly face-to-face with a buffet.

The weather has been GREAT for reading. The temperature changed this past week. The air conditioner had to come out because I could feel a breeze coming in through the ten million gaps between the machine and the window. I prefer to sit in my living room without my hair blowing in the breeze.

Jack the cat has also changed his ways. He sits on me now more than ever. Sometimes he just doesn’t understand that I have a bladder the size of an eraser. Or that I’d like to stand up to ensure I don’t get blood clots.

The other night, he was nestled between my legs like we were lost in the barrens or in some Jack London story.

Yes, fall is here for reals. I’ve been drinking hot chocolate and tea like crazy AND making muffins and cookies because I feel this insane need to eat comfort food.

I see you coming winter. Just hold off until I get money for winter tires.

Then we’ll talk.


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