Things to be thankful for


Even though I crow (quite frequently) that I have no money, and cannot buy an iPad or iPhone and anything else beginning with an i, I have so much to be thankful for. When I look in my pantry and see all of the cans of food, or snuggle with my kitty, I am overwhelmed with contentment.

So here’s my list of things I am thankful for on this Thanksgiving Monday.

  • All the food in my pantry. Especially since groceries are so darn tootin’ expensive. Thank goodness for specials and No Frills.
  • A car which is beautiful AND gets me to work safely and economically. Now that gas is $1.40 a litre again, I’m glad to be fuelling a 2.2L engine which only requires regular gas, not supreme/gold/platinum. I’m also pretty jazzed to have a sub-woofer in the trunk.
  • My kitty cat, who helps me fall asleep with his beautiful purring. Now if only this didn’t occur at 7:30 AM when I have to go work, or 2:30 PM when I’m trying to read a book.
  • The substitute gods which give me work to pay my bills.
  • My little netbook, which makes writing so convenient and easy even if the battery has seen better days. I don’t see how I could possibly sit in the armchair all evening with a desktop or 18 inch laptop.
  • Writing—the one thing I feel competent at 99.5% of the time. (Unlike mathematics and things requiring hand-eye coordination.)
  • Minutes for my cell phone, so when I’m cruising through the countryside on my way to work, I can always call CAA for help.
  • Nutella.
  • Coffee. And, now specifically, I’m thankful most school staff rooms have Keurig machines so I can carry my own K-cups and be guaranteed a good cup of coffee that is not scorched or made with cheap grounds.
  • The beautiful fall weather. Right now, looking out my window, there’s an impossibly blue sky overhead, and red maples fluttering in the wind. This weather is second to none. And best of all, it’s not humid!
  • Books. I have too many and it looks like a library threw up in my basement, but I don’t care.
  • Post-It notes. So I can write down things I will otherwise forget.
  • Yoga pants. Because they are less awkward that flouncing around naked, but feel like a second skin.
  • WordPress’s easy theme packages, which mean I can (and do) change the design of my site every other month.
  • The internet. Without which I would go bat$#it crazy.

Happy trails to you all this holiday weekend!


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