Rainy days call for a high probability of reading with a strong chance of napping

Sometimes you just have to embrace the rain.

I think it is easier if you are a reader or napper. Both activities are MADE for rainy days.

There is nothing like picking up a book while the rain is pouring outside and beating against the windows. Though I can read whenever and wherever, the prime time for ducking into a fictional world is definitely a rainy afternoon. A cup of herbal tea or coffee is the perfect partner to pages of prose.

Then there’s the inevitable nap.

I find I can only read so long before my eyes get heavy, especially when my cat crawls on my lap and blinks repeatedly, placing his chin on my stomach and drifting off. Something about a cat’s purr makes me sleepy faster than you can say nap.

I dislike napping on Sundays only because it makes falling asleep that night much more difficult. And starting Monday morning off with just four hours of sleep makes for a long week.

But sometimes, the napping and the reading is impossible to resist.

It’s time to go read, my friends.


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