A work in progress (besides me)

After many days of moving and painting, painting and moving, I’ve finally made some decorating progress!

This is the before. Click here.

Yup. I know. Chaos.

Then it got a little better. Click here for that.

Finally, I have most of the room finished. I still haven’t put a lot up on the walls, which may happen yet. I’m trying to resist making it look like a Grade 7’s locker.

Here are some of the pictures. I suddenly have a new appreciation for photographers who shoot for decorating magazines. It’s really hard to manage decent pictures with bad lighting and little room for manoeuvring.

All this room took was one can of paint, one can of stain, and lots of elbow grease.

There it is…
Please, no crabs.
Sit down for a spell. There’s lots of blankies!
I went with a nautical theme, just because the decorations were already in the basement.
I bought this hooked rug second hand some time ago. It fits perfectly in the basement room!
A yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum. Empty, of course. Bought second-hand.
These boxes are from an old box factory in New Germany. Did ya know they shipped fish in these boxes? True story. Doesn’t seem very sanitary, though.
From sub floor to better floor! All it took was some stain and a brush!
I still have some work to do!
This room still needs a bit of work…

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