Arrr, ’tis International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Arrr.

My handy-dandy Facebook feed has informed me it is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Arrr. And usually my Facebook feed is only good for discerning who is doing well on The Ville or likes the latest picture of a cat doing anything remotely cute. (Guilty!)

Yes, if you haven’t changed your Facebook language to U.S. Pirate today or ever, ye be missing a lot of pleasure.

After all, everything is better piratey.

Instead of Chat you get Parley, thar’ be which sounds a lot more fun than pestering someone to ask what they’re doing besides wasting time on Facebook like the rest of us.

I also have Me Hearties and Kin, not Friends and Family. It sounds like they come with more rum.

And it be far better to see that you’re Sailin’ Solo instead of just Single. That way you don’t feel like such a failure when you realize you’re one of the few thirtysomethings not In a Relationship, Married, or Stuck in the Heteronormative Paradigm.

I’ve read that women are more likely to alter their Facebook profiles than men. I find this to be true. For example, I’m always changing my quotations. Most of the summer, I rocked Oscar Wilde’s words of wisdom; this fall, it’s back to Albert Einstein.

And then there’s whether I want to advertise that I’m sailin’ solo.

I’m torn. It’s like hunting for a job. You want to advertise your status so that you do get offers (after all, if people don’t know you’re underemployed or unemployed, they not apt to ask you about a position).

But at the same time, you have feelings of embarrassment about said status and don’t want the whole world to know.

When I have my Facebook list pared down to a mere 450 hearties (who are all these people?) I don’t mind having more personal information on my profile. You know, when it starts getting up to 1000, I figure it’s time to rein in the birthdate and SIN.

Like my blog, I change my Facebook profile with the season at minimum. Recently, I deleted a bunch of goofy pictures that should die (mostly those one-armed portraits that are only moderately better than mirror photos) and so on.

Oh yeah, and I changed my cover photo. I only upload generic ones now that I’ve discovered cover photos are public ALL THE TIME.

I had my niece on my cover photo and she’s way too pretty to be seen by the world at large. I could have freaked when I realized anyone could admire her, including creeps.

So, yes, I nurture my Facebook profile far too much. I add, I delete, I edit. Darn you low self-esteem and OCD.

Darn you.

Flash mob, pirate style.

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