It’s raining, it’s pouring… and knock on wood, the roof isn’t leaking. Yet.

Thanks, remnants of some hurricane, for all the rain today.

I’ve been crossing my fingers AND my legs, hoping the roof won’t leak. Let’s just say there’s more shingles on the lawn after a good wind than on the roof.

One-third of the roof is new, but the rest is definitely in need of shingles before I have to start walking around drips and pots in my living room.

Fall is definitely on its way.

My pumpkins are mostly orange, and the rest of the garden is drying up.

And it’s dark now at 8. That’s just wrong.

And the lake is all closed up for the season. I went for a walk last night and it just wasn’t the same, mostly because I sweated up a storm. You never sweat when you swim; or, if you do, it all gets washed away.

There’s only one good thing about all this dark and rain: it’s perfect reading weather.


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  1. Laura Best says:

    All weather is perfect for reading in, but at least when it’s dark and rainy we’re not feeling guilty about nor doing other things. 🙂

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